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“I would like to recommend Oscar Camacho with Superior Food Safety as a consultant to serve your companies Food safety compliance needs.

Longhorn Barbecue Production Center Inc. is in the process of working with the Superior Food Safety team; Oscar Camacho Sr., Oscar Camacho Jr. and Peter Nuemann to become SQF compliant. They have been instrumental in the implementation and maintenance of our food safety program.

They have been a consistent support in helping our company integrate our food safety controls into Icicle for real time data capturing and analysis for decision making. While it is quite the undertaking to become SQF compliant the team has been readily available to walk us through each step of the process and we are looking forward to the benefits the programs offer.

We are pleased with the level of service Super Food Safety has and is providing our Company and our employees and looking forward to becoming SQF certified."

Tami Broderius
QA manager
Longhorn Barbecue Production Center Inc.

“Superior Food Safety has been our consulting company since March 2017. Still to this day there has never been a moment where I hesitate to contact Superior Food Safety for guidance. Superior Food Safety is thought as out “GO TO" for clarification on any new change on the modules. 

We were recommended to Oscar and his company to be great support and guidance during the process of achieving our certification. Oscar and his team guided us from day one in understanding the 

“WHY" we wanted to achieve the certification other than our own customers requesting it. Also the 

“HOW" we were going to achieve such goal in the least amount of time. 

All the trainings, courses, and explanations were done in a way for us to understand such important processes. It was very important for my team and me that we understood every step because that would simplify the implementation of the new procedures. 

We are always supported by Oscar and his team in making sure the implementing and maintaining of all the safety programs are kept current for the renewal process of the certification. 

His expertise and professionalism is very much valued by my company. We never hesitate to reach out to them for support and guidance. Superior Food Safety is an important part of my companies' success in achieving our SQF Certification."

Tina Valencia CFO/ Co-Owner 
Sonoma Foods

“I am writing to recommend the services of Oscar Camacho, Founder and President of Superior Food Safety. Oscar has been working with Plenty for the past 3 years as our SQF and Food Safety consultant. His experience and knowledge in the world of food safety is immense and has aided in the development and continuous growth of our Food Safety Program. Oscar has helped us accomplish the following:

  • Develop and implement our SQF Food Safety Program in the first automated vertically farmed indoor system in the country incorporating our proprietary tower-based systems architecture.
  • Expand our program to incorporate our continuously developing technology and software systems. This has allowed us to be a leader in the CEA industry when it comes to data-driven food safety decisions – especially for such a young industry where current data and research does not exist.
  • Work very closely with myself and the FS team to enhance our own understanding of Food Safety and its impacts on the company, people, and planet, including growing leadership and full-organization awareness and ownership of food safety matters and helping us integrate food safety into all aspects of our culture and operations.

I feel confident in recommending Oscars consulting services to anyone in the agriculture industry.

He is not only thorough and easy to work with but will always take the time to clearly understand our concerns and work with us to ensure a solution is not only put in place but will last."

Dan Malech
General Counsel, VP Strategy & Corporate Services

Isabel Chamberlain
Sr Manager, Food Safety

“Before deciding to work with Superior Food Safety as our food safety consultants, I had interviewed about six or seven other consultants throughout California. They were not the cheapest option, but I could tell from speaking with Oscar that they were going to provide the most thorough and helpful consultation. We are new to the food manufacturing industry, and so we needed someone who could help us on a variety of aspects regarding food safety. In the end, I could not be happier with our decision to work with Superior Food Safety. 

We worked with them on a gap assessment of our entire food safety program, a mock audit of our facility, as well as creating and implementing our environmental monitoring program. During the walkthrough and document review, Oscar provided an immense amount of valuable information on how to improve our systems. What I found to be the most valuable aspect of the advice was the straightforwardness and simplicity. Being new to the industry, food safety can at times feel very daunting and elusive. Oscar was able to break things down into easy to understand terms that made our whole undertaking more palatable. 

I really appreciated the approach that they took to organizing our systems. As I mentioned, they make things simple. Further, they really focused on first creating the foundation of our company structure in regards to food safety. A lot of food safety instruction immediately jumps to microbiology, monitoring and other complex ideas. This is all important, of course and SFS helped with that aspect as well, but laying the foundation allows for a successful, efficient, and cost effective system in the long term. Once the foundation is set all the other nuances of food safety fall into place more easily. 

Finally, the follow-up consulting that Oscar provides is an added bonus. He has provided plenty of complimentary documents and guidance on implementation beyond the scope of work. I would highly recommend Superior Food Safety for any food safety consultation needs.”

Zach Jaffe
Alec’s Ice Cream
Co-founder and Head of Product

“I contacted Oscar Camacho in the middle of May 2016 and explained that our company had to get our SQF certification by July 1st.  Oscar explained that to prepare for the certification process normally takes 6 months. But after explaining our situation that we would lose a major client, Oscar agreed to help us through the process. It was truly an eye opener how unprepared we were after the initial walk through and receiving 173 non conformances. Oscar was there for us every step of the way and was more than happy to answer all my calls to answer my questions.  After working hard for 6 consecutive weeks we had our audit on July 1st.  Unfortunately, Oscar couldn’t be there with me the 2 days of the audit due to prior commitments, but he checked up on me constantly to see how we were progressing.  By the end of day 2 of the audit we received a score of excellence 97 points with only 3 minor non conformances.   We couldn’t have done it without Oscar Camacho.”

Francesca Mauro
QA Manager
Premier Foods

“Good morning.

To start, it was a very nice town and community were class was held.  Then, coming to your classes with a warmth welcome and arranging meals for us was very generous of you and the program.  What I value the most was the enrichment of the knowledge you presented and transmitted to everyone in the class.  All of our questions were just answer and a few were just presented with resources. Wonderful.

Know let me tell you what I personally was nutrient about the course.  The importance of a plan, should be to prevent anyone from getting ill when consuming our distributed product, we Patagonia Foods have taken it serious know.  It just starts with us been motivated and do our diligence with following our given guidelines. Good Manufacture Practices on the facilities we buy products from, reviewing if they are complying with the Preventive Controls, follow procedures on Allergens, Foodborne Pathogens, Critical Limits and what is been done on Hazard Analysis and their preventive controls.  For us to follow up with every provider that we work with is essential and mandatory. We will strength up our Recall Procedure and strength up our structure protocol.  Continue with more exercise on mock recall inviting our providers and our clients to participate.

Our purpose is to sell safe and delicious foods to our clients and we all are responsible for getting it done.

Thank you for the resources, tools and knowledge you shared with all the attendees.

Best regards Oscar."

Juan Aguilar
Quality Assurance/Logistics Support

“Cocoa Services West is pleased to recommend Oscar Camacho and Superior Food Safety for SQF consulting services. Our plant received a 99 score on our first SQF audit and we could not have achieved this without his training, support and his extensive knowledge of Food Safety.

He and his team were encouraging and kept us focused and on task when the process seemed daunting at times. We have a better functioning Food Safety system and a better business as a result of Oscar's involvement.”

Mary H. Johnson
SR. Vice President
TRANSMAR GROUP / Cocoa Services West

“Professional Produce successfully achieved Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification Level 2 Edition 7.1 with the food safety expertise of Oscar Camacho. Oscar is extremely knowledgeable, he is very detailed, and provided support, feedback and motivation to keep us on task. Without his direction, expertise and encouragement, it would have been impossible to reach our goal of becoming certified. Oscar’s superior knowledge and experience is very valuable to any company in the processes of implementing a food safety program. In addition, Oscar provided training for our HACCP Team, internal auditors as well as implementing SQF which two people from our Company achieved certification of SQFP. Finally, Oscar provided training for the Advanced SQF Practitioner class providing an excellent basis whereby I successfully achieved certification for Advanced SQFP. Oscar Camacho is a very important asset to any company who wants to implement a food safety program. Furthermore, his detailed understanding of the SQF code allows him to specifically layout an achievable plan for any company. Finally, Oscar Camacho is such a pleasure to work with and we found him to be of the highest integrity during our implementation and certification process.”

Kevin Oliphant
Food Safety Manager – Advanced SQFP
Professional Produce Inc.

“Funway Snack Foods successfully achieved Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification with the food safety expertise of Oscar Camacho. He was very detailed, and provided support, feedback and motivation to keep us focused on the task. Without his direction and encouragement, it would have been impossible to reach our goal of becoming certified in only 9 months and with an almost perfect score! Oscar’s superior knowledge and experience is very valuable to any company in the processes of achieving SQF certification.”

Robert Rodriguez

SQF Advance Practitioner Training

Dear Mr. Camacho,
“Reference is made to the above mentioned training which you conducted at State Garden Inc. on 12/11/14 and 12/12/14. We learned a lot and shared experiences in best practices for internal auditing, key performance indicators (KPI’s), continuous improvement and Corrective Action / Preventative Action (CAPA) process tools. The various examples you used and the interactive nature of the training were very helpful. The knowledge and skills gained will be invaluable as we strive to continuously improve our Level 3 Safe Quality Food System.
Thank you for the training. We look forward to having you again for more trainings."
Thank you,

Yusufu Lubega, CFS Quality Assurance Manager State Garden, Inc. Olivia’s Organics brand

“After attending Safe Quality Food 1000 and 2000 training with Oscar Camacho the system is now a clear and obtainable goal. Our company can now proceed with the implementation having the necessary tools to complete the process with a common sense approach. Mr. Camacho is able to present the system from an obviously experienced stand point because he has actually had experience from the primary grower to highly complex food production industries."

Cindy Sment,
Young Guns Produce

“Evans Food Group and its affiliates are committed to manufacturing delicious and wholesome products that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. In our constant quest to exceed our customer’s expectations we are working on achieving SQF certification for our plants. We have had the privilege of working with Mr. Oscar Camacho who is very knowledgeable in SQF systems as well as a great trainer and motivator. On behalf of our group we would like to thank you for your guidance and providing us with the tools we need to achieve SQF Certification and continue to be leaders in our field."

We look forward to working with you again.
Thanks Again,

Deydre Toro
Corporate QA Manager

“Oscar Camacho is very knowledgeable in the SQF systems. He was able to review our SQF systems and gave positive feedbacks and recommendations on the action items we needed to achieve certification. I would highly recommend using Oscar's consulting services to achieve SQF certification."

David Phuong QA Manager Snak King City of Industry, CA

Recommendation Letter From The Corner Napa's Food Establishment (click here to view)